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We are blessed beyond measures! To sow a seed and be apart of it’s journey to blooming is simply amazing! Grateful for the divine guidance, protective spirit, and resilience. New and exciting news Ahead! Alignment is sacred and learning to protect self is essential! Be weary of the dangers some connections may hide, the enemy could never penetrate I will continue to rise above! Third eye open!

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I’m so glad I’m Saved!

My God is a good God! Yes he is! And he sure been good to me! May I always reply I'm blessed when asked how I'm doing! May I always consult God in my decision making! If you see a new me it's the God

Never Give In Always Look Up!

Just when it appeared as if all my efforts went in vain we landed the contract I fought to prepare for for months! To anyone reading this entry I won’t hold you long just wanted to record my triumph.


Hey Waisted Bae, I pray this thread finds you in good health and spirit! It’s been a month since my last entry and the drop of the Website!!! Eeeek I’m still on a uncontrollable high! As you all know


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