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Momma I Made It!

Wow to say I dreamed of this moment would be an understatement! I never imagined fighting for this sheer emotion I quantify as immense Gratitude! It’s been a spiraling trying journey getting here but I knew I would get us here, although the road unclear, resources scarce the path was made for me! This is the American Dream! Waisted Society was born July 20, 2018 in a back room of my sisters home. at the dining room table and in the mist of loneliness, frustration, and financial disparity the building blocks formed! Our first customer was a friend who lived in Virginia who visited me in Philadelphia that summer! I shared my plans with her and she eagerly supported and encouraged! By the time she left we had several products and began posting to our personal IG page. A short while after we received a customer in Virginia after tagging my friend Tiffany and using the Virginia location. Needless to say we went up from there! Two years later we created a brand page, a spin off sister brand Waisted Society Healing Co, and have serviced 42 states, countless cities, and two countries. Immense Gratitude to all of our Waisted Baes those who have joined us on this new journey and those that helped get us here! We love you, we appreciate you, we enjoy servicing you!

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